In our Promise of the Arctic Conference, we’ll present the economic opportunities evolving in the Arctic as they relate to the commercial maritime industry. 


Some of the topics we’ll explore:

Oil and Gas exploration, production and delivery

Support of Trans-Alaska pipeline ‘redevelopment’ and new LNG pipelines

Infrastructure resiliency 

Support of military infrastructure development.


The evolving Arctic presents substantial economic opportunities for the West Coast maritime industry. To maximize those opportunities, industry must proceed responsibly to ensure that economic opportunities are balanced with environmentally sustainable business practices.


We’ll examine environmental best practices being developed to protect the pristine waters of the Arctic and to respond to the economic and cultural needs of the native populations. 


We’ll look at the legislative and regulatory climate governing this season’s economic activities in the Arctic, and we’ll hear from those involved in current projects with an eye toward maritime operations: energy companies (public and private), native corporations, municipalities, transportation agencies and other public agencies that rely on the commercial maritime industry to help fulfill their missions.


If you are involved in maritime transportation, construction or resource extraction,

the Promise of the Arctic Conference has been developed to help you maximize the economic potential of the far north.